Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I found Brett Michaels on a dirt road, right next to an empty Cheetos bag and a bottle of Bud Light...

Two weeks ago, after spending the afternoon with my in-laws at their weekend house, we pull into this dirt road right next to the Withlacoochee River and find this abandoned dog completely dehydrated and almost starved to death.

She was still a puppy, probably half a year old and completely underfed. She had bugs crawling all over her and it seemed that she lived out there in the woods for quite some while already.
There was no second thought. I stopped the car, Monica and I got out and wanted to help. My mother-in-law came minutes later, with a blanket, some water and some dog food. Especially the water was much needed as the little puppy sunk her little snout into the bowl of fresh water.
We put her in the car and brought her back home.

After two or three days Monica and I were joking about names for the little furry one. Since my better half wasn't convinced with my ideas, such as Buffy for example, she came up with a much, much better one: Brett Michaels (She is a not-so-secret admirer of the not-so-superb "Rock Of Love" television show.)

As of now Brett Michaels lives in the yard, gets food, play, and care on a regular basis until we find her a new home, because this house already shelters five people, four dogs, and one cat. And oh yes, we already spend more than a 100 bucks on the Vet. :o) But what can you do, she is just a little puppy and her name is Brett Michaels!


Kristin Jo said...

hey. its kristin {wife of Philipp The Great}. Maybe your wife would find this amusing:

**Can't wait to finally meet you guys**

i.Integral said...

Kristin, first off... I know who you are. Thanks for the comment. I am glad, that Monica let go of her obsession with Brett Michaels and now that we don't have a TV anymore she is not even tempted to go back and watch this crap. ;o)

Can't wait to have you guys either.