Saturday, January 10, 2009

Soy milk

Man, I love soy milk. Ever since I turned 18, on becoming a full blown vegan straight edge kiddo, I consume this cow milk substitute. Now, even many years after I dropped veganism (for the obligatory cheese pizza) I still am very much a fan and regular consumer of soy milk.

After going back to an ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet a couple of years ago, I never really wanted to drink plain milk. For all of my cereal, drink chocolate, and whatever-needs I continued to buy soy milk. I thought and still think that it tastes better. In addition, it has less calories and is supposed to be healthy. On top of that and relatively recently I found out that I am lactose intolerant anyways. High doses of fresh dairy products such as ice cream, any kind of pie that includes all sorts of fresh dairy or too much cheese pizza cause indigestion, stomach pain, and flatulence.

Anyways, upon my emigration to the U.S. I had to let go of my beloved, most favourite Alpro soy milk (originally from Belgium). It has the most creamy, least "nutty" flavor, and is quite thick in its consistency. GreenWise Market Soymilk Plain
From my first visit in the US in the late 90's I remembered Silk's soy milk and unfortunately romantisized its quality/taste throughout the rest of time in Germany (for a good eight more years). Unfortunately, my memories about Silk soy milk (the leading dairy substitute producer in the US) were very much romantized version of the real quality and taste. Their milk is good, but not great. Their soyghurts are a mediocre product I merely consume for the lack of a better, affordable alternative. Compared to Alpro's soyghurt and pudding products it's seriously, crappy!

However, the other day, on one of my obligatory shopping trails through one of the local Publix Superstore's I find Publix's Greenwise Soy Milk and buy half a gallon, merely for the fact that it was cheap. Though, much to my surprise it tasted amazing and is the best I've ever tasted since
Alpro's Sojamilch. Cheap and better. Yay, me so happy, me so likey!

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John said...

Not just everyone is willing to talk about their flatulence!


i.Integral said...

Well, occasionally, I call things by its name. You should try it.

Kristin Jo said...

i find that all soy products in the US suck in comparison to what i have had in CH...especially tofu.