Thursday, February 12, 2009

It is what they are selling and it is what we are buying!

Do we willingly or subconsciously subscribe to the constant feed of noise to numb ourselves as a means to avoid our own selves? Do we invite TV, music, social networks, and blogs into our home and our mind to not listen to the piercing questions, the legitimate doubts, and the continuous mumbling of self, so we do not have to face inevitable and burning question: Who the fuck am I? What is this that I call "I"? Where does it come from? Where will it go?
So, we continue to keep ourselves busy, with blogging, with facebook, with downloading the 15th record we never will get into to, because we do not take the time to just sit and fucking listen - listen to yourself, listen to each other, listen to your children and your wife, listen to that god damn record, listen to the voice inside, listen to the silence.
If there is nothing we can hold on to, if there is nothing that will last forever, not our bodies, not our belongings, not even our beloved ones, and it is true that all will pass and fade away, we are probably well off to learn to listen to the silence and find solitude in emptiness. Then, and only then, there is no fear and no death. And no I-delusion. Then that is all there is forever in now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The drugs of our generation

This kid's been to the dentist to get an extra-tooth removed. His dad picked up him up afterwards and had to carry him out. Although, the video itself freaking hilarious, I still wonder, how responsible doctors really handle their drugs at times in this country. I mean this boy is messed up. Especially, around 56 sec. I was like: "Dude, is he on PCP?" - Crazy.

Ever since I am in the states, I am really weirded out by the aggressive advertisement of pain medicine AND especially psychotropic drugs. It seems irresponsible and could procreate addictive behavior as it is quite easy to get ahold of it, if you just talk to your family doctor and recite the symptoms you heard on TV. It's like selling sickness to the people to get them to buy a product right when the first symptoms of too little sleep or insomnia and a stress-ful lifestyle arise. Furthermore, a drug does not help us deal with our problems. It may even help to maintain a lifestyle, behavior- and thought pattern, which we'd be better off if changed.

In regards to Cymbalta, or similar drugs, one of the many, many side effects is: tatatatataaaaaaaaaaaa - drumroll please and big fanfare - suicide. Yay.