Saturday, January 26, 2008

Video Clips To The Rhythm Of The New World Order

Sometimes I wonder, how future generations will view this era and phase of mankind. In what political, evolutionary, historical and social context will "The New World Order" be put in let's say one hundred years? How will the world of the late 20th and 21st century be remembered?
Will be the ones that will be asked: Why didn't YOU do something, Grandpa? Why did you not speak up Grandma? Will we be looked at by our Children, Grandchildren and their offspring like we failed to speak and more so ACT UP against the wars, global warming and social unrest?

I do not believe in comparing The Holocaust of the Second World War to the political era of Bush II as I believe it can be extremely insulting to the victims of the Holocaust and their families. Such a comparison often serves a populist cause. The Holocaust was unique in terms of its systematically plotted and executed mass-destruction on the Jewish People as well as the numbers (more than 6 millions) that were erased from the face of the Earth and cannot be compared to the todays bloodshed and political agenda of the Bush administration(s).

But I guess it's the overstated and overdone that receives attention and depicts complex phenomenons. Even though I do not agree with it, I find it still worth mentioning and interesting enough that so many people feel compelled to make this extreme comparison and make time to create videos showing Hitler and Bush II as the same kind of gruesome leader using media propaganda to blind his people and "put them to sleep".

I admire A Perfect Circle. Here are different video clip versions to the same song: Counting Bodies Like Sheep. The first one is the actual one released by the band themselves. The other ones were made by random Americans to be found at - Please take your time to watch the videos.

* a remix of A PERFECT CIRCLE songs compiled using the lyrics of their Anti-War album 'Emotive' where they covered a slew of semi-famous Anti-War songs.

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